Every day, it seems, there’s a commemoration of something.

Today, for instance, is National Taco Day. It’s also Vodka Day, Ship in a Bottle Day, and Improve Your Office Day – not to mention World Animal Day. Take your pick.

work-life balanceThen tomorrow, according to an email announcement we recently received, comes Work-Life Balance Day (not to mention several others).

In a society like ours, where so many of us routinely bringing work home with us and technology promises that we are constantly available, work-life balance sounds like such a beautiful, wonderful goal. If only we could achieve it, right? Everything would be dandy.

Except balance is not a solid state. Like health as a whole, it’s a dynamic process Maintaining balance takes constant little adjustments. Because of that, it’s a goal we never completely achieve for once and for all and for good.

Rather, as Emily Bremmer shares in this powerful and insightful TED Talk, balance is a daily practice. When we accept that, we accept our humanity and enable ourselves to live amazing, human, full-valued lives.     How do you practice work-life balance each day? Share your insights and experiences in the comments!

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