Thyroid deficiency is extremely common but can often go undetected or be improperly treated based on standard thyroid tests. Thyroid disorders can have significant effects on your energy level, sense of well-being, immunity, metabolism and ability to lose weight. Some of the most common symptoms of low thyroid are weight gain, depression, fatigue, nonrefreshing sleep, brittle nails, constipation, diffuse hair loss, sensitivity to cold, significantly calloused heels, chronic yeast infections and even infertility.

We specialize in comprehensive testing to properly diagnose the thyroid deficiencies not detected by standard tests, as standard testing does not pick up 80% of patients who have low thyroid. Our treatment options include customized bioidentical thyroid combinations of T4/T3 and time released T3. Results can be dramatic and include increased energy, weight loss, enhanced sense of well being, resolution of hair loss, improved skin tone, enhanced immunity, and significantly reduced risk for cancer and heart disease.

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