You’re committed to creating vibrant, radiant health in your life. We’re committed to helping you achieve it. 

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Just purchase 5 sessions of any single service we offer – office visits included! – and get the 6th one free. 

Optimize your nutrition? Get detox support? Balance your hormones? Eliminate nagging pains? Get help losing weight?

Whatever your need, let’s work up a plan and get you on the road to optimal wellness!

If you buy three, that’s 15 procedures plus 3 free ones!

What’s more, we’ve recently discounted a number of our IV and office visit fees, as well. Buy the bundle, and you’re getting BOTH the discounted price AND an additional 20% off.

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The Fine Print

All bundled visits must be for the same service – e.g., you can’t switch between IVs and office visits, say, or combine ozone treatments with BHRT.