In a world where “pain management” seems to be the best that conventional medicine has to offer, prolozone therapy can appear downright wondrous.

In reality, its power is straightforward: Stimulate oxygen utilization and cellular growth factors in the affected tissues, and, in the words of Dr. Frank Shallenberger, “an area of chronic pain will become normal again.”

In the clip below, the good doctor talks more about his development of this therapy and how it can help you finally find long-term relief from chronic pain:

Learn even more about prolozone therapy in this additional interview.

Prolozone therapy has been found helpful for many types of pain, including chronic back and neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, neuromas, sciatica, sports injuries, TMJ/TMD, rotator cuff injuries, sports injuries, and more. We’re proud to offer it here in our West LA office.

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