Gratitude Matters

On Tuesday, November, 22nd, 2016 in Integrative Medicine


The four basics of health we mentioned last week are just that – basics. They’re important, but they focus exclusively on the physical. You simply can’t have optimal physical health without also tending to the health of mind and spirit. This is reflected in Dr. Joe’s 8 Keys to Radiant Health, the last of which […]

Making Your Health a Priority

On Tuesday, November, 15th, 2016 in Diet & nutrition

man walking past bicycle

When it comes to health, it seems a lot of us talk a good game but don’t always have the best follow-through. According to one comprehensive Nielsen survey, almost everyone – 89% – says that the best way to stay healthy is to take personal responsibility for your health. Sixty-four percent say they’ll do whatever […]

About That “Canola Oil Burns Belly Fat” Study…

On Wednesday, November, 9th, 2016 in Diet & nutrition

canola oil

Belly fat is notoriously hard to get rid of, especially as you get older. A sedentary lifestyle. A less than optimal diet. Chronic stress. Hormonal imbalances. Combine all those, and you wind up with stubborn fat around the waist. (Here’s a good, easy-to-understand explanation of why it’s the riskier kind of fat to carry around […]

Sit All Day? Enough Physical Activity May Offset the Risks

On Tuesday, November, 1st, 2016 in Integrative Medicine

lacing up athletic shoe

We’ve looked before at what too much sitting can do, how it raises your risk of heart problems, obesity, diabetes, and the chronic inflammation that fuels a wide range of other health problems. And at least some past research has suggested that the risk stays high, whether you exercise or not – which, frankly, is […]

Emotions & Your Health: 3 Must-See Talks

On Tuesday, October, 25th, 2016 in Integrative Medicine

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It’s easy to see mental health and physical health as being totally separate things. But as science has shown over the years, emotional well-being has real effects on physical well-being – and vice versa. Indeed, Radiant Health is only possible when we acknowledge this connection and tend to our mind, heart, and soul as conscientiously […]

From the Archives: Fast Food Medicine or Individualized Health Care?

On Tuesday, October, 18th, 2016 in Archive

Vitruvian man

Ever since the 2004 release of Super Size Me, there’s been the occasional “debunking” story about this person or that who ate nothing but McDonald’s and still lost weight. Of course, unlike Morgan Spurlock, they strictly controlled their calorie and carbohydrate intake and exercised vigorously on a daily basis. In other words, their “proof” of […]

Enhancing Health with IV Therapies

On Tuesday, October, 11th, 2016 in IV Drip Therapy

iv drip

When it comes to taking a proactive, preventive approach to health, avoiding the bad is just one half of the equation. The other, of course, is embracing the good – giving your body, mind, and spirit what they need to function optimally. For your body is a self-regulating organism, designed to protect and sustain itself. […]

Work-Life Balance Is a Process

On Tuesday, October, 4th, 2016 in Wellness

work-life balance

Every day, it seems, there’s a commemoration of something. Today, for instance, is National Taco Day. It’s also Vodka Day, Ship in a Bottle Day, and Improve Your Office Day – not to mention World Animal Day. Take your pick. Then tomorrow, according to an email announcement we recently received, comes Work-Life Balance Day (not […]

The Quest for Relief from Chronic Pain

On Tuesday, September, 27th, 2016 in Ozone Therapy

Depending on who and how you ask, anywhere from 50 to 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Yet most doctors are woefully undertrained in treating the problem. One 2013 survey of 117 medical schools in the US and Canada found that just 4 offered a required course on pain management. A slightly earlier study […]

Focusing on the Good Stuff

On Tuesday, September, 20th, 2016 in Diet & nutrition

An interesting study came out a while back, looking at the impact of diet on patients with stable coronary artery disease. Analyzing dietary patterns of more than 15,000 adults, the authors found that while a more Mediterranean diet appeared to lower the risk of major adverse cardiovascular events (MACE), surprisingly, eating a more Western diet […]