Falling Back: The Time Change & Your Body

On Tuesday, October, 31st, 2017 in Natural Health

alarm clock

Is there any American who won’t be saying, “Hallelujah! I get an extra hour of sleep!” when they turn in this coming Saturday night? Let’s face it: Most folks see the end of Daylight Saving Time as a very good thing – and it’s onset, a very bad thing. As if losing that hour of […]

When It Comes to Your Health, Small Changes Can Yield Big Results

On Tuesday, October, 17th, 2017 in Diet & nutrition, Wellness

Conventional medicine is set up in a way that keeps patients mostly passive. Doctors do the fixing. Patients are fixed. Doctors say, “This is what we’ll do.” Patients acquiesce – “Doctor knows best,” and all that. Sure, plenty of folks consult “Dr. Google” first and come in with their own ideas, but whatever they opt […]

The Hazards of Binge-Watching, Sleep Edition

On Tuesday, October, 3rd, 2017 in Integrative Medicine

tablet, popcorn cup, stuffed animal on bed

Just as your body needs oxygen, food, and water to go about all its daily business effectively and efficiently, it also needs sleep. Quality sleep. Sufficient sleep. It is, after all, one of the 8 keys to Radiant Health. One thing that can get in the way of that? Binge-watching. Recently, a research team, led […]

The Line Between Taking Charge of Your Health & DIY Healthcare

On Tuesday, September, 19th, 2017 in Integrative Medicine

supplement aisle

A man goes to the hospital for a routine surgery. Though he has had prostate cancer, it’s in remission. He appears healthy. He says he cycles 50 miles a week. Then his doctors discover that his blood oxygen levels are extremely low. They run tests and find a elevated levels of cyanide in his blood. […]

Get an Immune Boost Instead of Your Kids’ Back-to-School Colds and Flu

On Tuesday, September, 5th, 2017 in IV Drip Therapy

student in schoolyard

With kids headed back to school, parents can be sure of one thing: Each day, there’s a chance they’ll bring more than graded papers and new assignments; they can bring home colds, flu, and more. Schools, after all, can be virtual germ factories, with kids grouped in closed spaces where it’s all too easy to […]

What Does Social Connection Have to Do with Your Health? More than You Might Think

On Tuesday, August, 22nd, 2017 in Integrative Medicine, Wellness

man sitting alone watching others

As the positive emotion study we blogged about last week was making headlines, other research was highlighting the impact of one negative emotion in particular: loneliness. According to a presentation earlier this month at the 125th annual meeting of the American Psychological Association, “loneliness and social isolation could be greater public health hazard than obesity.” […]

Positive Emotion Impacts Both Mind & Body

On Tuesday, August, 8th, 2017 in Integrative Medicine, Wellness

woman with arms raised in joy

A lot of the chronic diseases we see most often these days have some things in common. For instance, they’re largely driven by lifestyle. They’re also marked by chronic inflammation. So it follows, then, that one of the best, most productive actions we can take to prevent or possibly reverse such illness is to make […]

New Insight to Sugar’s Role in Metabolism

On Tuesday, July, 25th, 2017 in Diet & nutrition, Weight loss

glass of soda

Wouldn’t it be nice if weight were really just a matter of calories in, calories out? But science has made it increasingly clear that not all calories are equal – nor is calories in/calories out the sole equation when it comes to overweight and obesity. For instance, different combinations of foods can have very different, […]

New Science on Acupuncture’s Impact

On Tuesday, July, 11th, 2017 in Acupuncture, Integrative Medicine

This past spring, the FDA released new guidelines that include acupuncture as a valid therapy for treating pain. At least some of this comes from the need to emphasize drug-free therapies in the midst of the ongoing crisis of opioid abuse. “[Health care providers] should be knowledgeable about the range of available therapies, when they […]

Genetic Testing & Personalized Medicine

On Tuesday, June, 27th, 2017 in Genetic Testing, Integrative Medicine


Earlier this year, the FDA gave the OK to home DNA tests that identify a person’s genetic risk for 10 diseases. Ideally, the results will help people make specific healthy choices to help lower their risk. But that doesn’t always play out in the real world. One notable review in the BMJ found that Expectations […]