A Key Component to Healthy Aging & Longevity: Exercise

On Tuesday, March, 20th, 2018 in Anti-aging

older woman with FitBit

It wasn’t so long ago most folks believed that growing old meant slowing down, becoming more sedentary. These days, lots of us are sedentary from childhood onward – even if the demands of life keep us from slowing down as much as we need to. Movement. Rest. Rejuvenation and regeneration. That’s the natural cycle we […]

When You Vape, You Take in a Lot More Than Just Flavor

On Tuesday, March, 6th, 2018 in Chelation Therapy

man vaping

You often hear people say that vaping is safer than smoking. After all, it’s not tobacco, and we know the damage that tobacco can do. Vaping? Not so much…yet. One thing we do know is that when you inhale from an e-cigarette, you’re taking in a whole lot more than chemically flavored vapor. You’re taking […]

The Diet-Cancer Connection

On Tuesday, February, 20th, 2018 in Diet & nutrition, Integrative Medicine

fresh produce

Though the news was hardly surprising, the media went to town last week about a new French study linking ultra-processed food with cancer. Specifically, the analysis of data from over 100,000 adults found that a 10% increase in the proportion of ultra-processed foods in the diet was associated with significant increases of 12% in the […]

Take Care of Your Heart This Valentine’s Day

On Tuesday, February, 6th, 2018 in Heart Health


Hearts, hearts everywhere! It’s Valentine’s month, after all. They’re in ads. They’re in business decorations. They’re all over store shelves lined with Valentine goodies – cards and trinkets and, of course, candy. Lots of candy. Even as candy is the last thing our real, beating hearts need. Those literal hearts are at the center of […]

From the Archives: Dosing Up on Vitamin C

On Tuesday, January, 23rd, 2018 in IV Drip Therapy

letter C made of produce

Most animals can make their own vitamin C. We humans can’t. We’ve got to get it through the food we eat or supplementation. And it may be able to help with a variety of health conditions – far more than just the common cold, too. For instance, a 2017 study in BMC Cardiovascular Disorders looked […]

Self-Care, Purpose, & Creating a Healthful Life

On Wednesday, January, 10th, 2018 in Wellness

sunrise silhouette

Let’s face it: New Year’s resolutions can be the stuff of angst – especially if you find yourself sliding back to the habits you just told yourself you’d finally kick. But there’s a beauty to them, too. For one, they’re a sign of self-care – an expression of intent to take better care of ourselves […]

A Heavy Metal You May Have Only Just Heard Of: Gadolinium

On Tuesday, December, 5th, 2017 in Chelation Therapy

brain MRI

So let’s talk a bit about heavy metals.       No, not that kind of heavy metal. We’re talking elements, particularly those metals that can harm both the environment and living organisms. Think mercury, cadmium, nickel, lead, arsenic… The toxic effects of these metals, even though they do not have any biological role, remain […]

Need Energy? Beyond Caffeine

On Tuesday, November, 14th, 2017 in Integrative Medicine, IV Drip Therapy, Ozone Therapy

caffeinated after shave

A few weeks ago, Wrigley announced that it was bringing back Alert Caffeine Gum – a product it had put on hold several years ago after the FDA announced that it would be looking into the safety of caffeine in foods. But they’re a little late to the party – and a little weak on […]

Falling Back: The Time Change & Your Body

On Tuesday, October, 31st, 2017 in Natural Health

alarm clock

Is there any American who won’t be saying, “Hallelujah! I get an extra hour of sleep!” when they turn in this coming Saturday night? Let’s face it: Most folks see the end of Daylight Saving Time as a very good thing – and it’s onset, a very bad thing. As if losing that hour of […]

When It Comes to Your Health, Small Changes Can Yield Big Results

On Tuesday, October, 17th, 2017 in Diet & nutrition, Wellness

Conventional medicine is set up in a way that keeps patients mostly passive. Doctors do the fixing. Patients are fixed. Doctors say, “This is what we’ll do.” Patients acquiesce – “Doctor knows best,” and all that. Sure, plenty of folks consult “Dr. Google” first and come in with their own ideas, but whatever they opt […]