How Overdoing It with the Probiotics May Lead to Brain Fog

On Thursday, August, 16th, 2018 in Supplements & Remedies

hand holding probiotic supplements

Prevention is good medicine, and for a lot of folks, that includes using things like dietary supplements and herbal remedies on a regular basis. It may be something they read about on Facebook or saw on YouTube or heard in a podcast or simply stumbled upon through search. Since there’s usually little risk of immediate […]

The Newest Wellness Trend Isn’t Really So New: IV Drip Therapy

On Thursday, August, 2nd, 2018 in IV Drip Therapy

iv drip

Suddenly, IV drip therapy is the one of the hottest wellness trends around. Celebrities from Rihanna and Cindy Crawford to Simon Cowell and the Kardashians reportedly swear by them. Drip lounges and mobile IV units are cropping up across the country, offering everything from hangover cures to energy and immunity boosts, and plenty in between. […]

From Basic Health to Radiant Health

On Thursday, July, 19th, 2018 in Integrative Medicine

woman with arms extended in sunshine

If you’re looking to save money on healthcare, prevention is about the best insurance you can get. Yet as we’ve noted before, far too many of us fail to engage in more than a few of the most basic healthful habits, namely Not smoking. Exercising regularly. Drinking in moderation (or not at all). Maintaining a […]

From the Archives: Mindfulness in Trying Times

On Thursday, June, 28th, 2018 in Wellness


If you’ve been feeling more stressed than usual, you’re not alone. According to the American Psychological Association’s latest Stress in America report, more Americans are feeling more maxed out than ever. Over half – 57% reported significant stress over the political climate in particular. None of that comes as a surprise to Dr. Ron Samarian, […]

When Medical Issues Have a Psychological Component

On Thursday, June, 14th, 2018 in Integrative Medicine

woman with head bowed

Think about a time when you were really stressed out – the tangle of anxiety, anger, fatigue. Maybe your stomach hurt or you got a headache or back pain set in. Maybe your chest felt tight. And just as mental states can have physical expression, physical issues can affect our mental states. In fact, many […]

Towards More Personalized Nutrition

On Thursday, May, 31st, 2018 in Diet & nutrition, Heart Health


Of course, the red wine we looked at last time is hardly the only source of heart-healthy antioxidants – nor are antioxidants the only kind of nutrient that supports heart health. No doubt, you’ve probably come across many a list of foods purported to keep cardiovascular disease at bay. A recent post over at Medical […]

Not the Red Wine but the Antioxidants in It

On Thursday, May, 17th, 2018 in Diet & nutrition, Heart Health

You’ve probably heard that a little red wine each day is good for your heart. So maybe it was just a matter of time before someone got the idea of putting its antioxidants into a stent. Commercial stents can release chemotherapy agents that are toxic and can cause the blood vessel to narrow again. LSU […]

Zero-Calorie Sweeteners: “Doing Everything Else That Glucose Does”

On Tuesday, May, 1st, 2018 in Diet & nutrition, Weight loss

Though artificial sweeteners – aspartame, sucralose, Ace K, and the like – may contain zero calories, they do pack a punch of unintended consequences. We’ve looked at some of these before. One of the oddest potential consequences? Weight gain, as well as health problems associated with overweight, such as metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. […]

From the Archives: Enhancing Health with IV Therapies

On Tuesday, April, 17th, 2018 in IV Drip Therapy

iv drip

When it comes to taking a proactive, preventive approach to health, avoiding the bad is just one half of the equation. The other, of course, is embracing the good – giving your body, mind, and spirit what they need to function optimally. For your body is a self-regulating organism, designed to protect and sustain itself. […]