Nutritional Support with IV Drip Therapy

On Thursday, February, 28th, 2019 in IV Drip Therapy

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So, yes, the whole diet is vitally important. But with respect to nutrition, there are times when even that alone might not be enough. Is your body getting all the nutrients you give it? As we noted last time, many factors can affect nutrient absorption. For instance, some genetic variants can cause issues. MTHFR mutations, […]

It’s the Whole Diet that Matters, Not Any One “Superfood”

On Thursday, February, 14th, 2019 in Diet & nutrition


As we were saying, your body needs real food. Can we take that a step further and see food as medicine? You’ve probably heard the saying “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food” – an idea that’s usually attributed to Hippocrates. In truth, though, the phrase doesn’t seem to turn up in […]

Dietary Emulsifiers, Gut Health, & Mental Health

On Thursday, January, 31st, 2019 in Diet & nutrition

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No sooner had we hit “publish” on our last post, we ran across a new study on another type of additive that may be contributing to modern health woes: emulsifiers. Emulsifiers are used in a wide variety of hyperprocessed food products to change their texture, extend their shelf life, and keep ingredients from separating. You […]

How What You Eat May Influence How Much You Move (or Don’t)

On Thursday, January, 17th, 2019 in Diet & nutrition

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If you’ve been living the couch potato life, it can be hard to start getting more active. But is it just habit or lack of will power getting in the way, keeping you from making exercise a part of your daily routine? According to new research in Circulation, what you eat might be interfering, as […]

The Radiant Health Blog in Review, 2018

On Thursday, December, 20th, 2018 in Integrative Medicine

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It’s the time of year when lists abound, reflecting on the year that’s winding down or looking ahead to the year to come and all the promise it holds. Who are we to buck tradition? So with that in mind, we take a look back at our year in blogging on Radiant Health, starting with […]

Root Canal Teeth & Chronic Illness: Is There a Connection?

On Thursday, December, 6th, 2018 in Integrative Medicine

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Our thanks to the office of biological dentist Gary Verigin for providing this article. Over the years, root canal teeth have been associated with a host of chronic, systemic health problems, including autoimmune disorders, musculoskeletal diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, fibromyalgia and other enigmatic illnesses, and cancer. In fact, in Cancer: A Second Opinion, German physician Dr. […]

The Life-Changing Power of Gratitude

On Wednesday, November, 21st, 2018 in Wellness

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As we prepare for Thanksgiving, thoughts naturally turn to gratitude. Yet it can sometimes seem a hard thing to practice when faced with tragedies and challenges like those our region has faced through recent weeks. There has been loss. There has been pain. Yet the practice of gratitude teaches us that, even when things are […]

Survival Vitamins vs. Longevity Vitamins (& Why You Need Both)

On Thursday, November, 8th, 2018 in Anti-aging, Diet & nutrition


Broadly speaking, good health happens when the body is given what it needs to operate as it evolved to do, with toxic exposures kept to a minimum. What it needs are nutrients – not just the macro- and micronutrients in our food but also things like exercise, sleep, and more. Now, a fascinating new paper […]

How to Get More of the Master Antioxidant, Glutathione

On Thursday, October, 25th, 2018 in IV Drip Therapy

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If you’re looking to raise your glutathione levels – and plenty of people are these days – you don’t have to look too hard for tips. Web pages abound, advising people to eat more sulfuric foods or take supplements or exercise more, or all of the above. And these are all perfectly legit and helpful […]

Why Bother with IV Vitamins When You Can Take Them Orally?

On Saturday, October, 20th, 2018 in IV Drip Therapy

The answer is to follow the path nutrients must take to get to where they matter – inside the cell! The difference between absorption of IV and oral vitamins is enormous.  Oral vitamins do have true benefit in ongoing maintenance and treatment.  They’re also effective in helping maintain the high levels of nutrients achieved with […]