Fast Food Medicine or Individualized Health Care?

On Tuesday, June, 9th, 2015 in Integrative Medicine

pile of McDonald's products

Ever since the 2004 release of Super Size Me, there’s been the occasional “debunking” story about this person or that who ate nothing but McDonald’s and still lost weight. Of course, unlike Morgan Spurlock, they strictly controlled their calorie and carbohydrate intake and exercised vigorously on a daily basis. In other words, their “proof” of […]

Yet More Evidence that Dietary Fat Is Not the Bad Guy

On Tuesday, June, 2nd, 2015 in Diet & nutrition


It’s interesting how people sometimes talk about “science” as though it were a settled body of fact. Science is actually a process: a data-driven method of empirical testing and observation that has given us an amazing understanding of the physical world and the fundamental forces that drive it. Of course, that understanding is always evolving. […]

Getting “Hormonal” – & Finding Balance Again

On Thursday, May, 7th, 2015 in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

balanced stones

Have you ever heard someone apologize for something they said or did when they were “hormonal?” Emotional volatility is just one signal that a person’s hormones may be out of balance. It’s why teenagers are the way they are. They spend years in hormonal chaos as their bodies begin to increase production of reproductive hormones. […]

Natural Boosts for Better Mental Health

On Thursday, April, 30th, 2015 in Wellness

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If you were to judge by prescription drug use alone, you couldn’t help but come to the conclusion that illness is the new normal. According to Mayo Clinic research, almost 70% of Americans take at least one. More than half take two. Many of these are psych meds. Only antibiotics are prescribed more often than […]

How a Longer Life Can Be a Healthier Life: Diet, Telomeres & Radiant Health

On Monday, April, 27th, 2015 in Anti-aging

telomeres diagram

“Diet” can be a real stumbling block of a word for some people. It easily conjures ideas of extremes: no carbs, slashed calories, overreliance on allegedly fat-burning “superfoods,” and the like. People often talk about it as a temporary thing – something you do to quickly lose weight before returning to old, comfortable eating habits. […]

Chelation Therapy for Detox & Overall Health & Wellness

On Saturday, April, 25th, 2015 in Chelation Therapy


Your body is a self-regulating organism. It’s constantly working to maintain the condition of health – so it can go on going on. When you encounter harmful substances – a virus, say, or environmental toxins – mechanisms for fighting or clearing them kick into high gear. The human body is brilliantly designed to protect and […]

Skimping on Sleep? Shortchanging Your Health

On Wednesday, March, 25th, 2015 in Integrative Medicine

A Gallup poll published late last year revealed what Americans think are the biggest health problems we face. To probably no one’s surprise, the top two dealt with costs and access. The third – thanks to incessant news coverage yet no immediate threat of an outbreak – was Ebola. Other concerns that made Gallup’s list […]

The Facts on Lyme

On Tuesday, January, 27th, 2015 in Lyme Disease

Once upon a time, Lyme disease was considered an east coast thing – and something you could only get from hiking in the woods (as if ticks – the bugs whose bite causes Lyme – never ventured elsewhere). Once upon a time, it was thought that a bulls-eye rash was the most consistent, obvious symptom […]

Your Best Source of Nutrients? Real Food!

On Tuesday, January, 13th, 2015 in Diet & nutrition

Supplements are an invaluable source of preventive medicine and treatments for disease, and they are an integral part of the individualized nutritional programs we offer our patients. But the centerpiece of wellness and your first choice for radiant health should be a well-balanced diet based on whole foods. For one, such a diet necessarily excludes […]

When Tech & Food Collide…

On Wednesday, December, 10th, 2014 in Diet & nutrition

Technology is meant to make our lives easier and presumably more enjoyable. It’s not just things like smartphones and GPS. For instance, advances in machinery and ag sciences have made it easier and quicker for farmers to plant, grow and harvest foods. We can feed more people more efficiently than ever. But what happens when […]