Skimping on Sleep? Shortchanging Your Health

On Wednesday, March, 25th, 2015 in Integrative Medicine

A Gallup poll published late last year revealed what Americans think are the biggest health problems we face. To probably no one’s surprise, the top two dealt with costs and access. The third – thanks to incessant news coverage yet no immediate threat of an outbreak – was Ebola. Other concerns that made Gallup’s list […]

The Facts on Lyme

On Tuesday, January, 27th, 2015 in Lyme Disease

Once upon a time, Lyme disease was considered an east coast thing – and something you could only get from hiking in the woods (as if ticks – the bugs whose bite causes Lyme – never ventured elsewhere). Once upon a time, it was thought that a bulls-eye rash was the most consistent, obvious symptom […]

Your Best Source of Nutrients? Real Food!

On Tuesday, January, 13th, 2015 in Diet & nutrition

Supplements are an invaluable source of preventive medicine and treatments for disease, and they are an integral part of the individualized nutritional programs we offer our patients. But the centerpiece of wellness and your first choice for radiant health should be a well-balanced diet based on whole foods. For one, such a diet necessarily excludes […]

When Tech & Food Collide…

On Wednesday, December, 10th, 2014 in Diet & nutrition

Technology is meant to make our lives easier and presumably more enjoyable. It’s not just things like smartphones and GPS. For instance, advances in machinery and ag sciences have made it easier and quicker for farmers to plant, grow and harvest foods. We can feed more people more efficiently than ever. But what happens when […]

Obesity, Inflammation & Cancer

On Wednesday, October, 29th, 2014 in Holistic Cancer Support

Research recently published in the Lancet offers another reason to shed excess fat: to possibly reduce your cancer risk. The large study observed the health changes of 5.24 million British adults and found that a higher body mass index (BMI) was associated with 17 different cancers and raised the risk of 10 especially common ones. […]

Lovely Little Ways to Detox Every Day

On Wednesday, October, 1st, 2014 in IV Drip Therapy

woman running

Most people think of a detox as a fortnight of misery, consisting of noxious liquids and starvation – something only to be endured after the excess of the holidays. But the truth is, all of us need to detox to some degree on a consistent basis. At this point in history, we have lived in […]

Case Un-Closed: A Role for Nutritional Supplements

On Wednesday, September, 24th, 2014 in Diet & nutrition

The media had a field day with it, but you couldn’t be blamed for missing the news. It appeared right in the middle of last holiday season, after all: the latest declaration that nutritional supplements are worthless, possibly even (gasp!) dangerous. In a commentary on a trio of studies appearing in the Annals of Internal […]

Mind, Body, Stress

On Wednesday, August, 6th, 2014 in Wellness

Stress is a normal part of life, and the stress response – the familiar fight-or-flight response – is an excellent survival mechanism. It’s just not so well-tuned for modern life. The stressors we typically face are not the life-or-death struggles our distant ancestors faced. Getting stuck in rush hour traffic or having extra work piled […]

Saturated Fats, Sugar & Your Heart: What Does the Science Say?

On Tuesday, July, 22nd, 2014 in Diet & nutrition

No doubt, many were thrilled earlier this year as the media went nuts over new research that seemed to put yet another nail in the coffin of the low-fat dogma. We all know that creed. It’s been pounded into our brains for years that eating saturated fat – the predominant kind in meat, butter and […]

Injecting Nutrients, Not Chemicals

On Thursday, June, 19th, 2014 in IV Drip Therapy

More than fifty years ago, a study suggested that cancer was a “disease of changes in connective tissue caused by a lack of vitamin C.” And in the 1970s, it was thought that high doses of ascorbic acid – one form of vitamin C – could could help build resistance to disease, infection and maybe […]