From the Archives: Not the Red Wine but the Antioxidants in It

On Thursday, April, 2nd, 2020 in Diet & nutrition, Heart Health

red wine in glass and bottle

Wine sales have been soaring as shelter-in-place orders have gone into effect. Sales in stores are up nearly 30%, and online sales have skyrocketed. One vineyard told Forbes that they have already sold more wine this year than all of last year. Learning this, naturally, we thought of this post from 2018… You’ve probably heard […]

The Most Transformative Thing You Can Do for Your Brain?

On Thursday, January, 23rd, 2020 in Healthy Lifestyle, Wellness

women at gym

If you made any resolutions for the new year, chances are you might find yourself now struggling with them a bit. Studies suggest that only about 8% of folks actually achieve their New Year’s goals. Most give up on them in less than two weeks. Yet it actually takes a lot longer than that to […]

Research Roundup: Ozone for Knee Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, & More

On Thursday, January, 9th, 2020 in Ozone Therapy

ozone molecule

It’s one thing to use a novel therapy like ozone and see your patients heal and thrive, but you also want to have a strong record of scientific evidence supporting it. And to be honest, for all the research that’s been done, only about 20% of all clinical practices are supported by randomized, controlled trials, […]

The Radiant Health Blog in Review, 2019

On Thursday, December, 12th, 2019 in Integrative Medicine

blocks saying Top 10

The days grow shorter. The dark hangs around longer. We shift into holiday mode as the year finally winds down to its close. And the internet grows fat with this year’s crop of year-end lists. For holiday time is also list-making time. Best movies. Worst movies. Top new stories. Notable deaths. Most ridiculous trends. What […]

Yes, You Really Should Make Breakfast a Regular Thing…

On Thursday, November, 14th, 2019 in Diet & nutrition, Heart Health

egg, avocado & olive breakfast

You might recall our recent post about the importance of eating in sync with your body’s circadian rhythms, particularly as it pertains to weight management. (And if not, or if you missed that post, you can get up to speed here. Don’t worry; we’ll wait for you.) But such weighty matters are hardly the only […]

Chills, Thrills…and a Metabolic Jump?

On Thursday, October, 31st, 2019 in Wellness

couple watching scary movie

In the run-up to Halloween, even folks who don’t normally watch horror films might take in a scary flick or two. The scariest of them all, according to Ranker, is The Shining, followed closely by The Exorcist. But here’s something you might not know: The adrenaline rush such movies deliver just might make you burn […]

New Study Highlights Evidence that Nutritional Supplements Work

On Thursday, October, 17th, 2019 in Supplements & Remedies

nutritional supplements

Let us guess: You take a supplement or two, don’t you? Maybe more than a few. You’re certainly not alone. According to one recent industry report, 77% of Americans report using them. And evidence continues to suggest that nutritional supplements can play an important role in all manner of health and healing. Just last month, […]