Myers Cocktail 

Myers IV Drip Therapy: The Premier Rapid Infusion Boost  for Those on the Go

The Myers Cocktail delivers vitamin C, along with B vitamins, calcium, and magnesium directly to your cells via IV. It’s specifically designed to give your metabolism a boost and takes just about 15 minutes to do.

This makes it one of the easiest, fastest, and most effective ways to quickly provide modest doses of core nutrients to help address medical conditions or to improve an already healthy metabolism.

The Myers IV – one of many types of IV therapy we offer in our Los Angeles office – is especially useful for more sensitive patients who tend to react to medications or high dose nutrient formulas, as well as those with digestive problems.  It’s especially useful when methylation problems are present due to genetic vulnerabilities (MTHFR).

Our patients – from LA, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and beyond – who want a quick bump in energy or who are dealing with general depletion, headaches, muscle, and joint pain, and other conditions find this simple yet effective IV of great support.

This is why this remains one of the most popular IVs we offer in our West Los Angeles integrative health clinic.

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