IV Therapy

If you want a great meal, you don’t go to a fast food joint. So when it comes to supporting your health with IV drip therapies, why would you opt for just another chain of “medical spas” offering what amounts to fast food medicine?

The history of IV drip therapy stretches back as far as the 17th century, as science was first recognizing the miracle of the human circulatory system. Yet the kinds of wellness therapies available today date back only about 100 years or so.

More Than Just Vitamin Therapy

Where chain clinics tend to equate IV therapy with vitamin therapy, there are so many more options available than protocols like the Myers’ Cocktail and vitamin C drips!

In our West Los Angeles clinic, we offer all those permutations, of course, as well as amino acid, glutathione, phosphatidylcholine, and other nutrient-based drips.

This kind of delivery system can be far more effective than just supplementing with pills, powders, and other medicaments. The nutrients go straight into your circulation and are more fully absorbed, put to use by the tissues that need them.

We also offer options such as IV ozone and hydrogen peroxide, which increase oxygen in your bloodstream where it can be delivered to your needy cells. Such drips may be helpful for both dealing with infection and general detox, as well.

Chelation with EDTA, DMSA, and DMPS is available, as well, to support the detoxification of heavy metals such as mercury and lead. High quality research suggests that ETDA chelation may also helpful in the treatment of heart disease, especially among diabetics. There’s also good evidence that EDTA may help enhance brain function and stimulate mitochondrial activity and optimize nitric acid production.

Sharper thinking, more energy, and a reduction of oxidative stress? What could be better than that?

Treating Chronic Health Conditions with Drip Therapies

While many people who opt for IV drip therapy do so to support and enhance their current state of health – including the therapy as part of an overall healthy and active lifestyle – others turn to the therapy as part of their treatment for long-term chronic health conditions.

Clinical reports on just the Myers’ Cocktail, for instance, suggest significant improvements in conditions ranging from asthma and acute migraines to chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia; upper respiratory tract infections and chronic sinusitis to heart conditions and hyperthyroidism.

Chelation, C drips, glutathione, ozone, and phosphatidylcholine have been shown to be good potential supports in the treatment of chronic Lyme disease.

Similarly, there’s evidence that IV ozone may be helpful with respect to various autoimmune and neurological disorders, as well as the conditions mentioned above.

The key is to get the right therapy in the right amounts for the specific condition in a specific individual. In our holistic clinic, conveniently located between Santa Monica and Olympic Boulevards and not far off the 405, we customize every treatment to every individual. Dr. Joe’s mindful, gentle, and caring manner shows through in every aspect of providing our patients with the information, therapies, and support they need to meet their specific health goals.

IV Drip Therapies Available at Our West Los Angeles Office

Here is just a partial list of the IV therapies we offer in our holistic, integrative medical clinic in West Los Angeles:

  • Myers IV – combining the core essential vitamins and minerals for those on the go who need a quick boost.
  • Myers mix – a great add-on to the high dose vitamin C infusion for energy support
  • Immune Booster – designed especially for those who tend to be susceptible to colds and flu.
  • Ozone IVs – ranging from moderate dosing for healthy metabolism to very high doses to best support immune functions and protection.
  • Glutathione – the premier brain and neurological nutrient tailored to each patient’s needs and to help in recovery.
  • NAD Therapy – supporting energy, vitality and mental clarity.
  • Detoxification IV – a wonderful one-two combination of liver detoxification and liver support for those in need of a cleanse.
  • Airline and Travel Protection IV – designed as both an antioxidant support and an immune booster for both before you travel and after you return home.
  • Chelation – helping to remove unwanted metals and especially for patients who have had MRIs with contrast injected into their body; safely and effectively removes mercury, aluminum, lead, arsenic, and other toxic metals.
  • Vision Support IV – a slower infusion, loaded with specific minerals, amino acids, and vitamin C to help support vision and protect eye functions.
  • Pre and Post Surgery IV – to protect and resupply critical vitamin C and mineral deficiencies which often occur with needed surgery.
  • Full-dose Vitamin-Mineral formula – loaded with medium- to high-dose C, the full range of the B vitamins, minerals, and trace elements such as zinc, chromium, selenium, and manganese.
  • Vitality and Regeneration – for those feeling most depleted, an excellent formula combining vitamins, minerals, and rehydration to support and rekindle your energy.
  • Electrolyte and Rehydration IV – assisting those who tend to overdo and overparty.
  • Homeopathic Infusions – coupling tailored formulas to address specific issues medical conditions
  • Phosphatidylcholine – another excellent support for brain and healthy cell regeneration when inflammation, nerve cell, and other cellular damage has occurred.

Many of these can be combined for even better results, depending on the condition. They’re also very effective when coupled with oral supplements or entire health programs we tailor in our Los Angeles office to support you in your quest for Radiant Health.

And, as always, individualized formulas are always an option.

Let us know what you need. We can help you find the best answers to get your health to the level where you want it to be whether you are looking for an extra boost to withstand the annual back-to-school germ-fest or simply hoping to optimize your general wellness.

You Deserve Individualized Care

Your body is a self-regulating organism, designed to protect and sustain itself. It contains all the systems and abilities it needs to heal from injury or toxic burden. The goal of integrative medicine is to provide what your body needs to heal and to stimulate its self-healing, self-regulating abilities.

Drip therapy is just one of a wide variety of treatments we provide in our West Los Angeles medical clinic that support the body in this way – treatments that can be helpful in the confronting of illness or simply taking one’s current good health to a higher level, transforming good health into Radiant Health.

And you get the benefit of the full attention and care of one of Los Angeles’ leading integrative physicians, Dr. Joseph Sciabbarrasi.

Dr. Joe and his team take the time to listen to you and your needs and to customize your care accordingly. For no two patients are ever alike. It’s vital to us that we honor the individuality of each patient who entrusts their care to us, body, mind, and spirit.

Not only is it the right thing to do. It brings about better outcomes.

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