An All-in-One Visit at an Affordable Price

Physical + Consultation + Super Myers Cocktail IV

When people learn about the enhanced vitality that IV drip therapy can help deliver, naturally, they want to get going with it right away! That’s why we’ve put together this special package at an irresistible price!

At your first visit, you can get a physical, brief consultation with Dr. Joe, and a Super Myers Cocktail IV all for the very reasonable price of $295. (The Myers Cocktail alone can cost more than that through some other providers!)

The Myers Cocktail is perhaps the quintessential drip therapy for supporting optimal health and wellness. Delivering essential vitamins, trace minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients directly to your cells, it can boost energy, hydrate, support immune health, and more.

When you call to schedule, just mention you saw this offer on our site!

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Note: This offer applies only to patients not previously seen by Dr. Joe and may exclude certain medical conditions and review of medical records.

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