Why Bother with IV Vitamins When You Can Take Them Orally?

by | Oct 20, 2018 | IV Drip Therapy

The answer is to follow the path nutrients must take to get to where they matter – inside the cell!

The difference between absorption of IV and oral vitamins is enormous.  Oral vitamins do have true benefit in ongoing maintenance and treatment.  They’re also effective in helping maintain the high levels of nutrients achieved with IV treatments.

But those nutrients must travel a laborious pathway in which many of them are lost.

That’s not the case with IV vitamins. They move directly into your body’s cells without ever passing through the gut.

In contrast, here’s the path that a single nutrient – vitamin C – must take once you’ve swallowed it:

  1. Digestion in the stomach – where gastric acids, enzymes, and “intrinsic factors” may or may not be adequate or overly acidic.
  2. Digestion in the small intestine – where fats, protein, and carbs are absorbed, and where essential enzymes must be present, unless there’s a problem.
  3. Absorption in the large intestine – where mostly water and minerals are absorbed.
  4. Transport of the nutrients to the liver for detoxification and processing.
  5. Delivery from the liver to blood vessels going to the rest of the body.
  6. Absorption from the blood vessels into the tissues and from the tissues into the cells.

Now, that’s a lot to absorb!

It’s also a pathway on which a lot of mishaps can occur.  At best, only a portion of the nutrients we eat can be delivered to the cells where our metabolism operates.  Patients with bloating, leaky gut, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, or food sensitivities often lose many nutrients during these steps. Those taking high doses of vitamin C orally almost always end up with abdominal cramps and diarrhea before their blood levels come close to those of the IV formulas.

And almost all Americans – even those eating a healthy diet – are nutrient deficient due to soil depletion and other factors.  In other words, you cannot get the optimal Radiant Health level of nutrients you need by eating the right foods or just taking supplements.

If we compare the oral route to the IV route, here’s what we find:

Vitamin C and all the other essential nutrients in the combos we offer in the IV therapy we provide in our Los Angeles office  – not just straight C but also options such as glutathione and the Myers Cocktail – are delivered directly into the blood and to the cells. There’s no intestinal path required.  There are no challenges with intestinal absorption or delivery to the liver or transport to the tissues and then to the cells.

And there’s no loss of nutrients along that arduous pathway.

One more enormously important fact: The blood levels of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients given IV are many many times higher than the levels you get from taking them orally. This occurs without any of the stomach upset, nausea, diarrhea seen with too many supplements or too high doses.

With IV vitamin C, you get significantly more nutrients delivered right to where your body needs them: your cells. That means significantly better support for Radiant Health when you make IV therapies a regular part of your health routine.

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