Nutritional Support with IV Drip Therapy

by | Feb 28, 2019 | IV Drip Therapy

So, yes, the whole diet is vitally important. But with respect to nutrition, there are times when even that alone might not be enough.

Is your body getting all the nutrients you give it?

As we noted last time, many factors can affect nutrient absorption. For instance, some genetic variants can cause issues. MTHFR mutations, for instance, affect folate uptake, while HFE variants affect how we absorb iron.

Age is another factor. As we get older, B12 and magnesium absorption tends to go down, and vitamin D becomes harder to synthesize.

Medication use can likewise have a negative effect on nutrient levels. Different genders at different times have different nutritional needs. Alcohol, caffeine, and even stress can alter how your body processes the nutrients it gets.

This is why it can be helpful to get a full nutritional workup from a well-trained integrative physician – so you can identify and address any barriers to optimal nutrition, as well as be more aware of your unique nutritional needs.

But it’s also another reason why IV nutritional drip therapy can offer such a boost to your health.

IV dripUnlike food and oral supplements, which require the involvement of your gastrointestinal system to get nutrients into your blood, drip therapy bypasses the GI tract all together. The nutrients go right into your bloodstream so they can go to your cells to do the work you need them to do.

While drop-in and mobile clinics with their standardized menus have become a thing, what they can’t offer is the individualization and customization that a physician can.

At a clinic like ours, you can know that the specific nutrients being delivered are medical grade and provided in the right amounts for your particular needs. We take the time to get to know you as a person, as well as your health history, situation, and goals.

More, because components of a drip can interact negatively with certain natural or pharmaceutical medicines you’re taking, customization helps minimize the risk of a bad interaction.

Meantime, the blood levels of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients you get intravenously are many times higher than the levels you get from taking them orally. They’re at levels that support Radiant Health.

Of course, we do have some off-the-shelf options available – hangover relief, say, or jet lag recovery – as well as blends for supporting detox of heavy metals and other environmental toxins. These include ozone, hydrogen peroxide, and glutathione drips.

Patients in our West LA clinic report numerous other benefits following IV drip therapy. These include increased energy and improved performance, better sleep and reduced anxiety, and healthier skin.

Nutritional IV therapy is safe and painless (well, except the initial needle prick). You just sit back and relax in our cozy drip room, and our supervising staff will see to your needs. Within the hour, you’re done.

Your body will thank you.

Image by Robert Geiger, via Flickr

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