Get an Immune Boost Instead of Your Kids’ Back-to-School Colds and Flu

by | Sep 5, 2017 | IV Drip Therapy

student in schoolyardWith kids headed back to school, parents can be sure of one thing: Each day, there’s a chance they’ll bring more than graded papers and new assignments; they can bring home colds, flu, and more.

Schools, after all, can be virtual germ factories, with kids grouped in closed spaces where it’s all too easy to swap viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. It’s why you always see a spike in illness at the beginning of each school year, as kids are reintroduced to that environment.

Kids pick up everything. And so can their parents and other caregivers.

Because of this, there’s probably no better time to do some immune boosting for yourself, so YOU don’t get sick at this busy time of year.

Of course, practicing the basics of a healthful lifestyle can take you far – taking care of you so that your body can work as it was designed to do. That includes having a robust immune response, capable of battling any pathogens and other toxins that the body comes in contact with.

It starts with eating right, including lots of immune-boosting foods such as mushrooms, sweet potato, shellfish, garlic, and more, as well as probiotic, fermented foods, including yogurt, kimchi, kombucha, miso, and sauerkraut.

It also means getting regular exercise, enough good sleep, and managing stress through practices such as mindfulness and meditation.

But you can do far more than just the basics and raise your odds of staying healthy into the new school year.

One excellent option is ozone therapy. This supercharged oxygen can be used for more than addressing disease. It can help take your current wellness to a higher level, transforming good health into Radiant Health. How? By

  • Supporting good immune function.
  • Stimulating increased oxygen uptake by your cells, giving you more energy.
  • Improving circulation.
  • Increasing antioxidant protection.
  • Stimulating mitochondrial function.

There are several ways we can administer medical ozone: through water, topical oils, IV drip, and insufflation (i.e., filling a body cavity with ozone gas). Treatments are quick, safe, and effective.

Another option we offer here in our Los Angeles clinic is nutritional IV or “drip therapy.” Here, we can administer vitamins, minerals and other nutrients and medicaments, sending them directly into the bloodstream where they can be absorbed and assimilated more readily.

Both vitamin C + minerals and glutathione drips can help boost immunity.

Injection therapies are yet another option. Thymic peptide may be especially helpful in beefing up your immune system. (The thymus gland plays a crucial role in regulating your immune system, stimulating the immune response. Peptide therapy can enhance its function.)

Call us today to find out which options might be right for you and help you stay healthy into the fall: 310-268-8466!

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