The Radiant Health Blog in Review, 2021

by | Jan 6, 2022 | Integrative Medicine

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A year ago at this time, we were all pretty hopeful that we would finally start to get the upper hand on COVID and pivot back to something closer to normal. Then Delta happened, and now Omicron.

So it’s hardly a surprise to see that, of the 10 most accessed posts on this blog, nearly all were COVID-related, including two specifically on the new vaccines. As an integrative physician and functional medicine doctor who favors them, Dr. Joe felt it especially important to address at least some of the concerns about them that were being expressed in holistic health circles.

After all, integrative medicine doesn’t dispense with modern clinical medicine. Rather, it adds to it by combining its best with the best of alternative, naturopathic approaches and treatments.

In that latter realm, posts about the emerging research on nutritional therapy and COVID were also quite popular in 2021, as were posts on immunity-boosting and integrative options for treating long COVID.

Here’s a rundown of the specific posts folks were looking at, the Radiant Health Top 10 of 2021…

  1. An Integrative Doctor Answers Some Common Questions About the COVID Vaccine
    The title says it all, with this post covering the basics of how the mRNA vaccines work and what we knew early on about their safety and efficacy.

  2. Tattoos, Heavy Metals, & Your Health
    The first of just a few posts in this list that weren’t expressly COVID-related, here, we looked at new research on just how prevalent toxic heavy metals are in tattoo ink – and how you can go about detoxing.

  3. The Importance of Intravenous Vitamin C During the COVID-19 Pandemic
    In this post, Dr. Joe discusses (and documents) the science of vitamin C and immune potential as it relates to COVID.

  4. An Update of Vitamin C (& Other Nutrients) in COVID Research
    Here, too, the title of this midsummer post says it all.

  5. The Radiant Health Blog in Review, 2020
    Well, this is kind of meta, isn’t it?

  6. Ways of Thinking About Food as Medicine
    We’ve all seen the posts touting “farmacy” over “pharmacy.” In this post, we shared an excellent discussion of what it means to talk about “food as medicine.”

  7. Even More FAQs About the COVID Vaccines – & One Integrative Physician’s Answers
    In this follow-up to our original FAQ, Dr. Joe discussed further research into the vaccines’ safety and efficacy, natural remedies for some COVID vaccines’ side effects, and more.

  8. Hope for COVID Long-Haulers
    Long COVID has turned out to be much more prevalent than originally understood. But recovery is possible, especially when you take an integrative, functional medicine approach to the problem.

  9. New Findings on Vitamin D & COVID-19
    Along with vitamin C, vitamin D got a lot of attention among those studying nutritional supports with respect to COVID. In this post from September, we looked at some of what some of the research had thus far shown.

  10. Boosting Immunity with IV Vitamins
    Looking beyond COVID, we explored some of the research on which nutrients are most crucial for supporting good immune function – and why, with nutritional interventions, IV drip therapy is the way to go.


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