About HeartSmartIMTplus™

The Science of IMT

The artery from the heart to the brain, known as the carotid artery, is widely accepted as the ideal indicator for the early detection of heart disease. The carotid artery mirrors change in disease progression of the coronary arteries that surround the heart. The carotid artery illustrates the earliest signs of arterial wall thickening and lesion development. Atherosclerosis is the name of the disease. Intima-Media Thickness (IMT) of the artery wall is one of its major manifestations – lesions within the artery are another. The result is an obstruction of the arteries or spontaneous rupture of the lesion. The consequence, in addition to those that can significantly affect your quality of life, is a stroke or heart attack that can result in sudden death.

Heart Disease CAN Be Reversed

Should you learn you have heart disease, a comprehensive lifestyle change can sharply reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke. When you aggressively work to manage your risk factors, you can make a vital difference in stopping, slowing or reversing the progression of heart disease. Consult with your physician about the best course of action for you.

Early Detection Leads to Prevention

Protect your heart health… predict your risk… prevent a heart attack or stroke.

Heart disease is the Number 1 killer of both men and women, claiming more lives than the next five leading causes of death combined — including cancer. For most people, the first symptom of cardiovascular disease is a heart attack — and one out of four first-time heart attacks is fatal. HeartSmartIMTplus™, in partnership with your physician, can identify heart disease — as well as its extent and severity — that would otherwise go undetected.


Effective. Accurate. Painless. Noninvasive.

HeartSmartIMTplus™ is a newly available diagnostic method for the early detection of heart disease. It assesses the presence and progression of cardiovascular disease at its earliest stages. HeartSmartIMTplus™ is the most predictive test available for calculating an individual’s likelihood of suffering a heart attack or stroke. The IMT test is endorsed by the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology as a proven technique for the early detection of heart disease.

Life-Saving Results

Identify and treat problems while you can still rewrite history!

Everyone is at risk for cardiovascular disease. HeartSmartIMTplus™ is vital for understanding the state of your cardiovascular health. Make it part of your annual preventive care.

Quick. Safe. Convenient.

HeartSmartIMTplus™ utilizes ultrasound, the same safe imaging used on expectant mothers with no exposure to radiation. It is quick and convenient – taking approximately 10 minutes and easily performed in your doctor’s office.

Understanding Your Results

Your detailed report leaves little room for misinterpretation. It is an easy to understand, comprehensive report card of your cardiovascular health. Your report card will also include the ultrasound image illustrating where heart disease may have been detected.

Risk Factors

Many risk factors for heart disease are related to unhealthy lifestyle choices – including smoking, physical inactivity, excessive weight, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Other risk factors for developing heart disease include age, diabetes, and family history.

Risk Assessment

Risk factors do not tell the whole story.

One-third of all heart attacks occur in people who have normal cholesterol levels. Studies indicate that one particular risk factor or known combination is NOT a definitive predictor. HeartSmartIMTplus™ looks at the actual progression of the disease and offers an accurate picture of your cardiovascular health.The prevention of heart attack or stroke may not only save your life, it can avoid the emotional turmoil and expensive treatment following such an event.

How it Works

Intima Media Thickness (IMT)

A very specific, safe and painless, ultrasound procedure is performed to measure the thickness of the carotid artery wall. The captured video files are sent via the Internet or VHS tape can be sent through the mail to the HeartSmart Technologies. lab where they are processed for expert interpretation. Digital Transfer is done with the 510(K) compliant DIVO Imager and our HIPAA compliant file transfer software. The IMT scan is compared to the data in a proprietary interactive database of over 40,000 patients with over 1,000,000 data points, which have been mapped and categorized by age, gender and ethnic background.

Image Processing

The obtained images are processed using a patented computer algorithm to pixel map and track the Intima Media Thickness area of both carotid arteries. Image processing is performed at the HeartSmart Technologies. laboratory in Los Angeles, California. The results are studied and correlated with a patented interactive database of correlative patient risk factors.


The HeartSmartIMTplus™ report is sent back to the ordering physician via secure e-mail or other preferred delivery system. The report includes a risk assessment of the extent and severity of vascular disease and its correlative heart disease risk. HeartSmart Technologies. uses an A thru E scale as shown below.

Patient Consultation

The Physician can then recommend therapeutic management depending on each individual patient’s medical history and complementary diagnostic tests. The patient receives an actual picture of the scan, which has been definitively shown to raise treatment compliance levels.

HeartSmartIMTplus™ does not expose the patient to pain, radiation, needles, or contrast agents and related substances.

The HeartSmartIMTplus™ Report Card

Disease vs. Risk Factors

The Report will specifically assess actual state of disease instead of just looking at risk factors for disease. A highly skilled analyst utilizing the HeartSmartIMTplus™ technology will accurately measure the earliest development of disease in your arteries. If disease is found, your physician can then treat the disease rather than the risk factors. Simply stated, we can see what the naked eye cannot see, real disease!

The Report Card

Your carotid artery scan is compared to our proprietary database of over 40,000 patients of which over 1,000,000 data points have been mapped and categorized by age, gender and ethnic background. Plaque formation, the development of lesions and arterial blockage will be accurately identified in its earliest stages of disease development. A cardiovascular health assessment report card is generated that reflects your state of heart health and grades your risk from low to high. All other scores are relative to your medical history and require a consultation with your physician.

Category A

Normal risk for your Age & Gender Very low probability of cardiovascular disease (CVD) – It is important to maintain your actual health status. Control your way of life (diet, exercise, etc.). We suggest you to check up the risk factors (cholesterol, diabetes, etc) in order to maintain this health status. We recommend another HeartSmartIMTplus™ in 24 months.

Category B

Slightly above Normal risk for your Age & Gender Low probability of CVD – Ask your physician for changes in your way of live (diet, exercises, etc.) and for checking up the risk factors- We recommend a new HeartSmartIMTplus™ study in 18 to 24 months.

Category C

It is possible to have a significant disease. Ask your physician for changing your way of live (diet, exercises, etc.) and for checking up the risk factors. We recommend a new HeartSmartIMTplus™ study once a year for evaluating the effectiveness of the changes. Up to 2 x Normal risk for your Age & Gender

Category D

High probability of CVD – Ask your physician immediately- We recommend a new HeartSmartIMTplus™ study at your Physician’s request twice a year to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment. Up to 2 x Normal risk for your Age & Gender

Category E

Very high probability of CVD – Ask your physician immediately for a complete cardiovascular check-up, for changes in the life-style and for medical treatment.- We recommend a new HeartSmartIMTplus™ study at your Physician’s request twice a year to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment. Above 2 x up to 2.7x Normal risk for your Age & Gender

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