Frozen Glandular Extracts

Frozen glandular extracts are innovative liquid extracts consisting of selected proteins, peptides, other growth factors, and signaling molecules. Because different glandular sources are used, the extracts have been created to target specific medical needs.

Extracts are isolated in their natural state and are ultrafiltered and flash frozen from porcine sources without preservatives to ensure optimal potency and freshness. They are formulated in specific glandular combinations and proportion’s to optimize their benefit in specific conditions.

As a result of their special preparation, the extracts are extremely high-quality and are highly bioavailable to your body’s cells, tissues, and glands.

Frozen extracts are available as Xtra-Cell Mesenchyme to help healthy cells and tissues to recover which have been damaged by inflammation, chronic disease or injury and promote optimal cellular functioning and support.

Xtra-Cell Anti-aging Support with combined adrenal, thymus, mesenchyme and cartilage extracts to support Energy and recovery from fatigue states and provide a more optimal environment for Anti-aging;

and Xtra-Cell Immunity with extracts from spleen, thymus, and liver which carry specific cell-signaling factors and bioactive peptides. These help in both providing protection against infection and in restoring healthy immune system functioning in acute and chronic inflammation and infection.

A unique non-frozen liquid extract, Xtra-Cell Thymus spray is an innovative complex of proteins and peptides known as Thymic factors. These support anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and immune system functioning when the immune system is being challenged. This is especially useful preventatively for travel and plane flights as well as with acute infections or chronic inflammation when the immune system has been compromised.

In our environment laden with Chemical and microbial challenges, these extracts are a valuable part of your program for optimal health and optimal Anti-aging.

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