Essential Info on COVID-19/Coronavirus

Many of us have already developed the habit of adding a “stay safe” to our goodbyes. But what exactly does this involve?

Most importantly, it means continuing to follow the recommendations for physical distancing – and wearing a mask whenever you go out. When possible, wear disposable gloves, as well.

Wash your hands frequently with soap, 20 seconds per hand wash. Once your hands are clean and/or gloved, don’t touch your face or mask.

Cover all coughs and sneezes carefully – into a disposable tissue if you can; if not, cough or sneeze into the crook of your elbow.

Eighty-five percent of all infections are in people who have no symptoms. The idea that you can tell if someone has the virus if they have symptoms is a myth.

A single sneeze will carry droplets up to 30 feet. Yet the most common way this infection is being spread is simply through people speaking to each other. The virus is aerosolized and will carry the air directly to the person you’re speaking with.

This is why masks and distancing remain so very important at this time.

If we want to prevent the continued spread of the virus and its persistence in the US, we must maintain strong preventive measures such as these.

Do stay in touch with others – via phone, Zoom, text, Skype – but please maintain the strict protections outlined above.

Let’s base our protection on the science we know about this pandemic and our willingness to maintain good protective practices as we find our way through these challenging times.


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