Physical Health, Emotional Health

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Happiness and health go hand-in-hand. So saith the research. Yet as a new study reminds, the pursuit of happiness can actually make us unhappy. Through a set of four experiments on time and happiness, Canadian researchers found that the harder we try to make ourselves happy, the more we feel like we don’t have enough […]

Self-Care, Purpose, & Creating a Healthful Life

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Let’s face it: New Year’s resolutions can be the stuff of angst – especially if you find yourself sliding back to the habits you just told yourself you’d finally kick. But there’s a beauty to them, too. For one, they’re a sign of self-care – an expression of intent to take better care of ourselves […]

What Does Social Connection Have to Do with Your Health? More than You Might Think

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As the positive emotion study we blogged about last week was making headlines, other research was highlighting the impact of one negative emotion in particular: loneliness. According to a presentation earlier this month at the 125th annual meeting of the American Psychological Association, “loneliness and social isolation could be greater public health hazard than obesity.” […]

Positive Emotion Impacts Both Mind & Body

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A lot of the chronic diseases we see most often these days have some things in common. For instance, they’re largely driven by lifestyle. They’re also marked by chronic inflammation. So it follows, then, that one of the best, most productive actions we can take to prevent or possibly reverse such illness is to make […]

Mindfulness in Trying Times

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If you’ve been feeling more stressed than usual, you’re not alone. According to the American Psychological Association’s latest Stress in America report, more Americans are feeling more maxed out than ever. Over half – 57% reported significant stress over the political climate; nearly half “said the same about the outcome of the election.” None of […]

Work-Life Balance Is a Process

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Every day, it seems, there’s a commemoration of something. Today, for instance, is National Taco Day. It’s also Vodka Day, Ship in a Bottle Day, and Improve Your Office Day – not to mention World Animal Day. Take your pick. Then tomorrow, according to an email announcement we recently received, comes Work-Life Balance Day (not […]

Mindful Eating May Improve Your Health

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Most of the time when we eat, we’re on automatic – not thinking, simply refueling. The exception to the rule comes when we sit down to a fancy meal in a restaurant or a holiday feast like Thanksgiving dinner. Such meals can seem so much more fulfilling – physically, mentally, and spiritually – not just […]

Natural Boosts for Better Mental Health

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If you were to judge by prescription drug use alone, you couldn’t help but come to the conclusion that illness is the new normal. According to Mayo Clinic research, almost 70% of Americans take at least one. More than half take two. Many of these are psych meds. Only antibiotics are prescribed more often than […]

Mind, Body, Stress

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Stress is a normal part of life, and the stress response – the familiar fight-or-flight response – is an excellent survival mechanism. It’s just not so well-tuned for modern life. The stressors we typically face are not the life-or-death struggles our distant ancestors faced. Getting stuck in rush hour traffic or having extra work piled […]