Choosing a Probiotic? Some Things to Consider First

By staff on Thursday, May, 23rd, 2019 in Supplements & Remedies No Comments

No doubt, you’ve heard plenty about the wonders of probiotics. Maybe you’re taking them yourself. After all, they’re well-known to diversify the gut’s microbiome, able to help create a healthy balance of bacteria – a state of affairs that brings its own benefits, from relieving IBS symptoms to improving mental health to preventing certain infections. […]

How Overdoing It with the Probiotics May Lead to Brain Fog

By staff on Thursday, August, 16th, 2018 in Supplements & Remedies No Comments

Prevention is good medicine, and for a lot of folks, that includes using things like dietary supplements and herbal remedies on a regular basis. It may be something they read about on Facebook or saw on YouTube or heard in a podcast or simply stumbled upon through search. Since there’s usually little risk of immediate […]