Yet More Evidence That Fat Isn’t the Problem

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Dietary fat has been demonized for so long, the point bears repeating: In truth, fat is not the bad guy – as a couple of recent studies make clear. The first, just published in PLoS Medicine, looked at the effects of fats and carbs on blood glucose and insulin function, using data from more than […]

About That “Pasta Won’t Make You Fat” Study…

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You know how they say that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is? Widely touted as “the best study” to date on pasta consumption and obesity, it was hardly that. As Stanford professor of medicine Dr. Christopher Gardner told Health News Review, The various headlines seem to indicate ‘Despite the impression […]

Simple Carbs & Your Complex Heart

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When it comes to our most common chronic health problems – heart disease, obesity, diabetes – science continues to make it clear: Dietary fats are not the bad guy. Carbs are. Not all of them, of course. Some important foods – vegetables, legumes, whole grains – can be downright carbalicious. But they’re also nutritional powerhouses, […]

Making Healthy Changes in the New Year: 3 Tips for Success

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One of the most common – if not THE most common – new year’s resolutions is to “lose weight.” While there are plenty of sketchy diets that many, unfortunately, will try, the healthy way to do it necessarily involves a couple things that are also the stuff of resolutions: eating better and exercising more. But […]

Chocolate for Health: Too Good to Be True?

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Earlier this year, there was a bit of noise over a deliberately bad study – one designed to “prove” an alluring but fantastical notion: eating chocolate can help you lose weight. Surrounded by all the sugary goodies that the holiday season brings, plenty of us are probably wishing all over again that such a thing […]

Sugary Drinks May Age You as Much as Smoking Does (and Other Perils of Drinking Sugar)

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While BMI – body mass index – isn’t exactly an accurate gauge of healthy weight, it can still tell us something about how we’re faring, collectively, in the battle against obesity. Unfortunately, how we’re faring is none too well. According to data published last month in JAMA Internal Medicine, there are now more obese people […]

Yet More Evidence that Dietary Fat Is Not the Bad Guy

By staff on Tuesday, June, 2nd, 2015 in Diet & nutrition 1 Comment

It’s interesting how people sometimes talk about “science” as though it were a settled body of fact. Science is actually a process: a data-driven method of empirical testing and observation that has given us an amazing understanding of the physical world and the fundamental forces that drive it. Of course, that understanding is always evolving. […]

Your Best Source of Nutrients? Real Food!

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Supplements are an invaluable source of preventive medicine and treatments for disease, and they are an integral part of the individualized nutritional programs we offer our patients. But the centerpiece of wellness and your first choice for radiant health should be a well-balanced diet based on whole foods. For one, such a diet necessarily excludes […]