New Insight to Sugar’s Role in Metabolism

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Wouldn’t it be nice if weight were really just a matter of calories in, calories out? But science has made it increasingly clear that not all calories are equal – nor is calories in/calories out the sole equation when it comes to overweight and obesity. For instance, different combinations of foods can have very different, […]

White Bread Is Good for You?! What?!

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Did you catch the headlines last week declaring that “White Bread May Not Be Bad for You After All”? The hype around this study seemed a little reminiscent of last year’s “pasta won’t make you fat” study. Just as back then, the spin is more than a little misleading.   For the study, researchers had […]

Supplement or Sunshine? How to Get the Vitamin D You Need

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Over the past decade or so, there’s been a real avalanche of research on vitamin D. Just last week, word came of two new studies – one suggesting the nutrient could play a role in pain management; the other, that supplementation could help improve fertility in both men and women. A little earlier this year, […]

Is It the Fat or Is the Actually the Sugar?

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Recently, old research records were found, which cast even further doubt on “the dogma that eating vegetable fats instead of animal fats is good for the heart.” Meanwhile, a new commentary in the British Journal of Sports Medicine pounded home the point we’ve mentioned before: Saturated fat is not the bad guy. As its authors […]

Almost Half of All Cardiometabolic Deaths Are Linked to Food

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The fact that we live so much longer than our ancestors has less to do with medical science and technology than you might think. In fact, the largest gains in health have come about through better nutrition and hygiene. As a fascinating new article in Nautilus points out, It turns out that much of what […]

A Little Extra Spice Could Do a Whole Lot of Good

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Like your food spicy? A study just published in PLoS ONE shows a link between eating hot chili peppers and longevity. Analyzing data from more than 16,000 adults in the NHANES III survey, the authors found that those who ate chilies had a 13% lower risk of all-cause mortality. The strongest connection came with heart […]

Making Your Health a Priority

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When it comes to health, it seems a lot of us talk a good game but don’t always have the best follow-through. According to one comprehensive Nielsen survey, almost everyone – 89% – says that the best way to stay healthy is to take personal responsibility for your health. Sixty-four percent say they’ll do whatever […]

About That “Canola Oil Burns Belly Fat” Study…

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Belly fat is notoriously hard to get rid of, especially as you get older. A sedentary lifestyle. A less than optimal diet. Chronic stress. Hormonal imbalances. Combine all those, and you wind up with stubborn fat around the waist. (Here’s a good, easy-to-understand explanation of why it’s the riskier kind of fat to carry around […]

Focusing on the Good Stuff

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An interesting study came out a while back, looking at the impact of diet on patients with stable coronary artery disease. Analyzing dietary patterns of more than 15,000 adults, the authors found that while a more Mediterranean diet appeared to lower the risk of major adverse cardiovascular events (MACE), surprisingly, eating a more Western diet […]

Guest Post: Just What Is the Paleo Diet Anyway?

By staff on Tuesday, September, 6th, 2016 in Diet & nutrition 1 Comment

You’ve probably heard about the paleo diet or maybe improving digestion and autoimmune conditions by going gluten-free. Maybe you’ve even tried similar plans like The Whole 30. But what are we actually talking about when we talk paleo ways of eating? Okay, So What CAN I Eat? The ultimate goal of the paleo diet is […]