It’s the Whole Diet that Matters, Not Any One “Superfood”

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As we were saying, your body needs real food. Can we take that a step further and see food as medicine? You’ve probably heard the saying “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food” – an idea that’s usually attributed to Hippocrates. In truth, though, the phrase doesn’t seem to turn up in […]

Dietary Emulsifiers, Gut Health, & Mental Health

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No sooner had we hit “publish” on our last post, we ran across a new study on another type of additive that may be contributing to modern health woes: emulsifiers. Emulsifiers are used in a wide variety of hyperprocessed food products to change their texture, extend their shelf life, and keep ingredients from separating. You […]

How What You Eat May Influence How Much You Move (or Don’t)

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If you’ve been living the couch potato life, it can be hard to start getting more active. But is it just habit or lack of will power getting in the way, keeping you from making exercise a part of your daily routine? According to new research in Circulation, what you eat might be interfering, as […]

Towards More Personalized Nutrition

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Of course, the red wine we looked at last time is hardly the only source of heart-healthy antioxidants – nor are antioxidants the only kind of nutrient that supports heart health. No doubt, you’ve probably come across many a list of foods purported to keep cardiovascular disease at bay. A recent post over at Medical […]

Not the Red Wine but the Antioxidants in It

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You’ve probably heard that a little red wine each day is good for your heart. So maybe it was just a matter of time before someone got the idea of putting its antioxidants into a stent. Commercial stents can release chemotherapy agents that are toxic and can cause the blood vessel to narrow again. LSU […]

Zero-Calorie Sweeteners: “Doing Everything Else That Glucose Does”

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Though artificial sweeteners – aspartame, sucralose, Ace K, and the like – may contain zero calories, they do pack a punch of unintended consequences. We’ve looked at some of these before. One of the oddest potential consequences? Weight gain, as well as health problems associated with overweight, such as metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. […]

The Diet-Cancer Connection

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Though the news was hardly surprising, the media went to town last week about a new French study linking ultra-processed food with cancer. Specifically, the analysis of data from over 100,000 adults found that a 10% increase in the proportion of ultra-processed foods in the diet was associated with significant increases of 12% in the […]

New Insight to Sugar’s Role in Metabolism

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Wouldn’t it be nice if weight were really just a matter of calories in, calories out? But science has made it increasingly clear that not all calories are equal – nor is calories in/calories out the sole equation when it comes to overweight and obesity. For instance, different combinations of foods can have very different, […]