From the Archives: Fast Food Medicine or Individualized Health Care?

By staff on Tuesday, October, 18th, 2016 in Archive 1 Comment

Ever since the 2004 release of Super Size Me, there’s been the occasional “debunking” story about this person or that who ate nothing but McDonald’s and still lost weight. Of course, unlike Morgan Spurlock, they strictly controlled their calorie and carbohydrate intake and exercised vigorously on a daily basis. In other words, their “proof” of […]

From the Archives: Getting “Hormonal” – & Finding Balance Again

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Have you ever heard someone apologize for something they said or did when they were “hormonal?” Emotional volatility is just one signal that a person’s hormones may be out of balance. It’s why teenagers are the way they are. They spend years in hormonal chaos as their bodies begin to increase production of reproductive hormones. […]