Sleep More & Better. Your Brain Will Thank You

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Maybe you were up late working. Or binge watching a show. Or scrolling incessantly through your social media feeds. Or maybe you just couldn’t sleep, getting two, three hours in at the most. You know what that next morning is like. You lose your car keys. You forget that 3pm appointment you made a few […]

Is the HCG Diet for Rapid Weight Loss Really All That?

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Whether you’re looking to lose weight for health or appearance, one tool worth considering is the HCG diet. It’s not new by any means, having been developed in the early 1950s by Dr. ATW Simeons, who published the theory behind it in The Lancet in 1954. So you may have heard something of it before […]

Live Your Best, Healthiest Life with Longevity Medicine

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Over the past few years, we’ve been hearing more about the quest for immortality among Silicon Valley types in particular. Some are even so bold to predict that we’ll soon conquer death entirely. Yet the dream of living forever has been around…well, seemingly forever. In Greek mythology, we get the story of Eos, goddess of […]

A Key Component to Healthy Aging & Longevity: Exercise

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It wasn’t so long ago most folks believed that growing old meant slowing down, becoming more sedentary. These days, lots of us are sedentary from childhood onward – even if the demands of life keep us from slowing down as much as we need to. Movement. Rest. Rejuvenation and regeneration. That’s the natural cycle we […]

Support Your Brain – Exercise!

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Life is defined by movement. Physical activity is the way we endorse that primary law. Your body was built to move. To sit still as much as we do goes totally against our nature. Yet so many of us have adapted so completely to our sedentary habits, exercise can start to seem exceptional – something […]

How You Feel About Aging May Affect How You Age

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Aging is inevitable. Of course, we can do things to prevent or slow down the kind of degeneration people tend to associate with getting older. Think optimizing diet. Think getting enough sleep and exercise. Think treatments such as BHRT and chelation. These – and more – can help us to better health and more vitality […]

How a Longer Life Can Be a Healthier Life: Diet, Telomeres & Radiant Health

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“Diet” can be a real stumbling block of a word for some people. It easily conjures ideas of extremes: no carbs, slashed calories, overreliance on allegedly fat-burning “superfoods,” and the like. People often talk about it as a temporary thing – something you do to quickly lose weight before returning to old, comfortable eating habits. […]