Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Welcome to this unique and remarkable holistic practice, specializing in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy! Dr. Joe Sciabbarrasi has been providing optimal hormonal health for his patients for over 17 years as one of the earliest practitioners of this art and science in Los Angeles, California. Reclaim Your Youthful Vigor!

For women struggling with loss of vitality, sleep disruption, hair thinning, emotional reactivity and sensitivity, loss of libido, getting up at night to use the bathroom, night sweats, day sweats, hot flashes, dry and painful intercourse, tired all the time, negative outlook, bone loss, aging skin and increasing weight that doesn’t respond to diet and exercise, Bioidentical Hormones – BHRT – will almost certainly help you!

And for men experiencing weight gain along with loss of assertiveness, motivation, physical stamina and the loss of erections, BHRT can be a profound renewal of your life! BHRT may also lower your risk of prostate cancer and heart disease according to the Harvard Medical School reviews.

The term “Bioidentical Hormones” means hormones which are exactly the same in every way as the ones produced by our bodies. “Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy” or BHRT is the art and science of adding these critical molecules back into our bodies to help protect us from the diseases of aging. These are natural hormones, made as nature makes them within us. Our bodies immediately recognize Bioidentical Hormones as the same as what we naturally make ourselves.

Dr. Sciabbarrasi’s patients have been greatly helped with these problems of aging under his care. For those wishing to focus solely on BHRT, he can provide a safe framework in which to do so. Initial and Periodic lab testing and preventive medicine are part of his approach with all patients.

For those wishing to explore other aspects of the practice, Dr. Sciabbarrasi’s clinic also offers evaluation and natural remedies for:

  • Sleep disturbances: difficulty falling and staying asleep
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Low Energy and Stamina
  • Loss of Sexual vitality and response
  • Addiction/Recovery
  • Heavy Metal /Mercury or “Silver” fillings testing and chelation
  • Allergies
  • Recurring Infections/Bronchitis/Colds and Flu
  • Cancer support therapies

Dr. Sciabbarrasi offers state of the art testing and treatments, including:

  • Intravenous Vitamin, Mineral and Chelation therapies
  • Chinese Medical Acupuncture and Pain Relief (practitioner for 20 years)
  • Comprehensive Nutritional, Digestive and Food Allergy Testing
  • Adrenal fatigue and Neurotransmitter analysis

The Doctor and his entire staff welcome you to the practice!

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frequently asked questions

What is the difference between HRT and replacement therapy using bioidentical hormones?
Traditionally, hormone replacement therapy – HRT – has relied on hormones that are foreign to the body, not the same molecules our bodies create. This has led to many of the mild, moderate and severe adverse effects seen with agents such as premarin and progestins.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy – BHRT – uses formulas which are identical to the hormones created in the human body, resulting in far fewer adverse events and risks when used in a balanced way and preventive medicine guidelines are followed.

How long does it take bioidentical hormones to start working?
Most patients – men and women – feel the beneficial effects within a few weeks. Some feel them within days. There are some who don’t notice changes for a month or two, but this is much less common.
Does insurance cover bioidentical hormone replacement therapy?
While our office does not participate in any insurance plans, some patients have reported getting coverage, while others have reported no coverage. It depends upon your actual insurer and policy.
Is estradiol a bioidentical hormone?
Yes. Estradiol or “E2” is one of the bioidentical forms of estrogen and is the “workhorse” of the estrogens in providing the benefits this family of hormones.
Why am I gaining weight on bioidentical hormones?
BHRT isn’t intended to promote weight loss. But some men and women can gain weight during the therapy since, for the most part, the hormones used are anabolic or building molecules. They’re designed to help build structure – bone, muscle, and, in some, even fat – as they metabolize in the body.

The major factor for most people is actually the metabolic slowdown which occurs as we age – menopause and andropause as primary issues.

This is a very difficult issue for some individuals and requires real attention with an experienced practitioner to optimally provide the best hormone dosing for a person along with all the lifestyle factors needed to help keep weight in balance.

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