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Make Your Cells Feel Young Again

Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Westwood, Century City, West Hollywood – all are teeming with the most talented plastic surgeons who can provide you with any cosmetic enhancement you wish to keep yourself looking young and vibrant. But what if you could give your very cells a “makeover” so you have that vibrancy inside, as well? If you felt even younger than you looked, with more energy and vitality than you could imagine?

Here in our holistic clinic conveniently located in the heart of West Los Angeles, you can – naturally.

Addressing Health All the Way Down to the Cellular Level

Call it longevity medicine or anti-aging medicine or regenerative medicine; the goal is the same: restore vitality and resilience – physical, mental, sexual, spiritual – that endures into your later years. Our tools are many: bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), ozone, prolozone, chelation and other detoxification programs, IV drip therapy, the HCG diet and other weight loss options, sexual health support, customized nutritional programs, and so much more.

The key is to support your body’s own regenerative abilities, to address health all the way down to the cellular level.

Here are some of the newest and most advanced therapies we offer:

Peptide Therapy & the Anti-Aging Edge

Peptides are truly at the forefront of anti-aging therapies and should be considered in any program designed for optimal health and well-being.

These short chains of amino acids have the unique ability to affect several different traits simultaneously such as improved growth hormone production as well as sexual vitality. When applied as creams or nasal sprays or taken orally or under the skin, they signal other cells and molecules and tell them what to do.

For instance, growth hormone secretagogues are unique peptides which stimulate the pituitary gland’s production of growth hormone. This helps increase lean muscle mass and decrease body fat. It also noticeably improves libido and sexual function for many men and women.

Other anti-aging peptides can be used to prevent inflammation, loss of brain function, and accelerated aging while improving mental clarity and cognitive function.

Frozen Glandular Extracts for Optimal Health & Anti-Aging Support

In our environment laden with chemical and microbial challenges, these extracts are a valuable part of your program for optimal health and longevity.

They consist of select proteins, peptides, growth factors, and signaling molecules that are isolated in their natural state, ultrafiltered, and flash frozen without preservatives to ensure optimal potency and freshness. They’re then formulated in specific glandular combinations to target specific medical needs.

Xtra-Cell Anti-aging Support, for example, combines adrenal, thymus, mesenchyme, and cartilage extracts to support energy and recovery from fatigue states, and provide a more optimal environment for anti-aging.

Xtra-Cell Mesenchyme, on the other hand, helps cells recover from damage caused by chronic inflammation, disease, or injury, and promote optimal cellular functioning and support.

As a result of their special preparation, extracts such as these are extremely high-quality and are highly bioavailable to your body’s cells, tissues, and glands.

Umbilical Cord Stem Cells & Anti-Aging

Stem cells are used to treat problems involving the joints, nervous system, heart, and lungs, as well as autoimmune disorders. But they can also help promote the replacement of the very cells we lose as a result of aging.

The stem cells we use are derived from the umbilical cords of healthy babies who are not harmed in any way. Research suggests these may be even better than stem cells derived from the patient’s own marrow or fat tissues, especially in the case of autoimmune and degenerative disorders. Their benefits are improved even more with the use of peptide therapies, select supplements, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and optimization of self-care.

Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI)

This safe and natural therapy uses light as a natural antibiotic, heightening the body’s immune response. With exposure to UV light, bacteria and viruses in your bloodstream absorb five times as much photonic energy as your blood cells – a toxic dose to those infections.

The amount of treatment needed is determined by the health of your immune system, how long you’ve been ill, and the severity of the disease we’re treating you for. Published studies have shown it to be an effective immune modulating therapy for specific (e.g., psoriasis, lymph cancer) and non-specific (e.g., chronic infection, chronic fatigue) conditions alike.

UBI + High-Dose Ozone Therapy: A Potent Healing & Anti-Aging Combination

As we age, our immune systems falter and weaken – even for healthy individuals. UBI + High-Dose Ozone provides a remedy, creating an environment in which immune system activation and metabolic pathways are enhanced.

Instead of delivering a standard dose of medical grade ozone, this therapy can typically deliver up to 70,000 micrograms of ozone in less than an hour, offering anti-inflammatory, anti-infection and metabolic enhancing effects.

Couple this with UBI, and the benefits are greatly magnified!

In our integrative West LA clinic, there’s no one-size-fits-all medicine. Dr. Joe provides individualized care. He looks at your overall health history and current status, talks with you about your goals and challenges, and works with you to create a thoroughly customized longevity plan, tailored to your needs.

For while we all have much in common, we also each have experienced a completely unique life, with different influences and exposures and ways we’ve tried to address them in the past, different values and goals, different life circumstances that drive how we can approach treatment and support.

The things you can do on your own will take you far. We’re here to help you take the next steps after that, so you can live the long, vibrant life you wish for and deserve.

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